Battery replacement takes less than 5 minutes! National Innovation Energy enables battery swapping for new energy commercial vehicles


On November 29, 2023, the Dongfeng Huashen Zhongbao new energy commercial vehicle & battery swap station product launch conference with the theme of "China Power Swap Empowering the World" was held grandly in Changsha, Hunan. Zeng Yongguang, Vice President of HKUST Guochuang and General Manager of Guochuang, Su Jing, Deputy General Manager of Guochuang, and Xue Xiaogang, Manager of the Power Business Marketing Department, were invited to attend.。


At this press conference, the China Power Replacement Ecological Industry Alliance was established, and Guo Chuang Renewable Energy became one of the first 15 member units. In recent years, Guo Chuang Renewable Energy has worked with Dongfeng Huashen, Juzhongge, and Phylion Power to discuss in-depth cooperation in commercial vehicle battery swapping technology and commercial operations, and explore new models for the application of commercial vehicle battery swapping technology, aiming at urban logistics, trunk transportation, and mining. In various complex scenarios such as operations and waste transportation, in environments where traditional battery replacement solutions cannot meet and apply, we provide commercial vehicle customers with an overall solution for mid-range battery replacement vehicles and battery replacement services.


At the event, three of the world's first charging stations, a series of mid-mounted battery replacement stations, were grandly unveiled, including the "mid-mounted pure electric light truck mini replacement charging station", the "mid-mounted pure electric light truck semi-automatic replacement charging station", and the "mid-mounted pure electric light truck full-scale charging station". Automatically change charging stations.” Charging stations have the advantages of low investment, small footprint, multiple scenarios, multiple adaptations, more flexibility, quick results, and fast operation, and are favored by the industry.

In the future, Guo Chuang Renewable Energy will take advantage of the full-chain product matrix from intelligent BMS to modules, PACK, to BEMS, battery clusters, and energy storage systems, and work with the alliance to promote the sustainable development of the new energy commercial vehicle industry.

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