Comrade Fang Zheng, Secretary of the Lu'an Municipal Party Committee, went to KDGC Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd. for investigation and guidance



On November 28, Fang Zheng, Secretary of the Lu'an Municipal Party Committee, visited KDGC Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd. to inspect and guide the work. He was accompanied by Huo Shaobin, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Lu'an Municipal People's Congress and Secretary of the Jin'an District Party Committee, Wang Hongjun, Secretary-General of the Lu'an Municipal Party Committee, and leaders of relevant units. Participate in research. Dong Yongdong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of KDGC Intelligent Energy, Liu Lei, General Manager of KDGC Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd., and the company's management team warmly received the guests. The two parties had in-depth exchanges on promoting enterprise development and promoting innovation.


Secretary Fang Zheng and his party visited the production workshop of the first phase project of the company's smart energy production base, learned about the manufacturing process of smart batteries, the core product in the "intelligent network + smart energy storage" dual intelligence strategy of KDGC Intelligent Energy, and listened to the company's research and development technology, Production delivery and later planning, etc., spoke highly of the company's achievements in the field of intelligent battery system solutions.


Secretary Fang Zheng and Chairman Dong Yongdong had an in-depth discussion on the challenges and development opportunities faced by the company. Secretary Fang Zheng said that the Lu'an Municipal Government will use all-round services to understand the needs of enterprises, further support enterprises in technological innovation, introduce talents, and expand markets. He hopes that Guochuang Energy will adhere to technological innovation, continuously improve the core technology level of enterprises, and achieve more in the field of science and technology. A breakthrough has injected new momentum into the upgrading of Lu'an's local economy.


During the investigation, Chairman Dong Yongdong reported the company's business layout and development to Secretary Fang Zheng. He said that KDGC Intelligent Energy, as a high-tech listed company with leading data intelligence products and services in China, will continue to play its role in data intelligence and intelligent network connection. , smart energy, application software product innovation and research and development, etc., further promote the spirit of excellence and innovation, continue to strengthen innovation, actively cooperate with Lu'an City, and promote new energy storage and new energy vehicles in Lu'an City , the rapid development of the energy Internet industry, and high-level scientific and technological achievements will contribute more to the high-quality development of "Digital Lu'an".


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