Good News | China Innovation Energy won the "2023 "Polaris Cup" Energy Storage Influential Innovation Enterprise"


■ Adhere to innovation and win awards

On March 27, the 2023 China Energy Storage Technology Innovation and Application Summit was held in Hangzhou. USTC Innovation Energy was invited to participate in the conference and won the honor of "2023 'Polaris Cup' Energy Storage Influential Innovation Enterprise".

This summit brought together authoritative experts in the energy storage industry and outstanding enterprise representatives from all aspects of the energy storage industry chain to hold an energy storage influential enterprise selection event, aiming to commend enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the industry and actively participated in industrial innovation, technological innovation, and brand innovation. . After public voting and expert review, HKUST National Innovation Energy finally stood out from more than 200 outstanding companies across the country and won the award.

■ Intelligent energy storage, integrating software and hardware

HKUST Guo Chuangxin Energy is committed to providing customers with efficient and safe energy storage system solutions such as integrated light storage and charging, low-carbon smart energy management, DC cascade energy storage, etc. Its products cover smart energy storage system solutions, energy storage BMS, and energy storage BEMS. , intelligent energy storage controllers, energy Internet intelligent control platforms and household optical storage systems and other products. The HKUST National Innovation and Energy booth attracted many exhibitors to stop and inquire.

■ Safe and reliable with outstanding advantages

HKUST Guo Innovation can deeply integrate the BMS products, power electronics technology and big data platform that have been accumulated for many years, greatly improve the safety and reliability of the system, increase the available battery capacity of the energy storage system, achieve accurate battery PACK management, and avoid the fear of "wooden battery" in series connection. "Bucket Effect", effectively extending battery life, reducing operation and maintenance costs, and using "technology + wisdom" to stay at the forefront of the energy storage market.

Honor is affirmation and a new starting point. Looking forward to the future, HKUST National Innovation Energy will firmly implement the development strategy of "intelligent network + smart energy", adhere to innovative research and development, be a leader in the research and development, promotion and application of smart energy storage, and jointly create a green and beautiful life.

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