National innovative star products made a wonderful appearance at CIBF2023 International Battery Exhibition


On May 16, the 15th Shenzhen International Battery Technology Exchange/Exhibition (CIBF2023) grandly opened at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center.

HKUST Guochuang is highly favored

HKUST Guochuang's leading smart batteries, BMS, PACK, smart energy storage and full-stack digital energy solutions made a wonderful appearance at the Shenzhen Battery Exhibition, attracting many upstream and downstream companies to visit and negotiate.

Guochuang Innovation Energy, Guochuang Energy, Guochuang Intelligence, Guochuang Polestar and other sister companies participated in this grand event, displaying star products such as smart BMS, PACK and smart energy storage.

Our "star" family appeared at the exhibition

Intelligent BMS Intelligent BMS products integrate the battery management system host function, slave function, smoke detection, power distribution function, current collection function, etc., and are highly integrated integrated products. It is mainly used for real-time monitoring and management of the power battery of electric vehicles, and for information interaction with the vehicle integrated controller or charger through CAN to ensure the efficient, reliable and safe operation of electric vehicles.

Prefabricated warehouse centralized energy storage system This system has three-level energy management and control functions of "single package energy control, active balancing within clusters, and inter-cluster energy scheduling" and is used to replace the traditional three-level architecture BMS that "only collects and does not control" , solve the core problems of energy storage such as "inter-cluster circulation", "short plate effect", "echelon utilization" and "online calibration", and essentially improve the safety and reliability of the energy storage system, while increasing the available capacity of the battery and reducing the system Maintenance costs.

Distributed energy storage system eliminates single-package battery faults, ensures high operational stability, and saves trouble in operation and maintenance; new and old batteries are mixed to maximize the use of battery cells. New cabins can be directly integrated into the system to flexibly increase capacity. The product is small in size and convenient for site selection.

Energy storage BMS products can be flexibly adapted to energy storage systems with secondary and tertiary architectures; support cell, pack, cluster, and stack battery data collection, SOX estimation, and balance control between cells; and can be integrated with PCS, EMS, fire protection, temperature Linkage control of control and other systems to ensure safe, reliable and stable operation of the system.

Energy storage BEMS products not only have all the functions of energy storage BMS, but can also realize independent control of voltage, current and power of individual battery packs and battery clusters, thereby solving problems in traditional energy storage systems such as inter-cluster circulation, barrel effect, mixed use of old and new, etc. question.

The smart energy storage controller adopts a powerful CPU design, which not only integrates functional modules such as BMS master control, BEMS master control, local EMS, and communication management machine, but also has functions such as HMI human-computer interaction, local big data calculation, and smart operation and maintenance. Powerful and small.

The Energy Internet Intelligent Control Platform can realize intelligent operation and maintenance of energy storage systems, integrated collaborative control of source, grid, load and storage, carbon asset management, and panoramic energy perception and linkage, helping enterprises use energy in a precise and scientific way to achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction.

The household photovoltaic storage system adopts an integrated design of battery + inverter + photovoltaic MPPT, which is convenient for maintenance and capacity expansion. It has protection functions such as short circuit, over-voltage and under-voltage, overload, and leakage, and has passed global mainstream certifications.

The journey of national innovation continues wonderfully

The grand event is coming to an end, but Guochuang has not stopped. In the future, we will adhere to the "dual intelligence" strategy of "intelligent network + smart energy" and use the "product + service" model to promote the company's high-quality development and support the national "double carbon" strategy.

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