Co-construction and sharing, joint promotion and win-win situation丨The company and Kaiwo Group carry out party organization pairing and joint construction activities


On July 7, HKUST Guochuang and the party organizations of Kaiwo Group launched a pairing and joint construction activity. The leadership teams of party organizations from both parties and more than 80 party members participated in this event.

Under the leadership of Zeng Yongguang, member of the Party Committee of HKUST Guochuang Company and Secretary of the New Energy Party Branch, the party committee of Kaiwo Group visited the Party Building Showroom, the HKUST Guochuang Exhibition Hall and the New Energy Industrial Park to learn about the construction and development of our company's party organization and business fields, new energy industry layout planning and core products.

During the discussion and exchange, Secretary Zeng Yongguang, who has 22 years of party experience, shared his journey as an old party member and the results of the party building work of HKUST. Secretary Zeng said that creating a joint party-building brand and carrying out joint-building and joint-building activities is a good opportunity for party-building to guide business, unite people, stimulate vitality, build bridges, and deepen friendship. It also promotes both parties to enhance the political functions of party organizations and enhance The powerful measures of leadership, organization and innovation are also a useful attempt to strengthen exchanges and mutual complementation between grassroots party organizations and complement each other's advantages. Xinneng Company and Kaiwo have established a business cooperative relationship for many years. Both parties have continued to grow and develop in win-win cooperation. It is hoped that in the future, the two companies will take party building as the guide, regularly carry out joint construction and mutual assistance activities, and carry out in-depth multi-field and multi-level cooperation. Build together.

Jiang Min, Secretary of the Party Committee of Kaiwo Group and Vice President of the Group, also said in his speech that this joint party building activity has strengthened the close contact between the two party organizations, and in the new historical period and situation, they can learn from each other and form complementary advantages. , resource sharing, and a new pattern of party building work that goes hand in hand, raising the cooperation and development of both parties to a new level.

At the event site, the Kaiwo Group Party Committee also held "July 1" commendation and other activities.

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