2022 National Innovation Capability Summary and Commendation Conference丨Take advantage of the momentum to seek development and focus on opening a new chapter


Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. We bid farewell to an extraordinary 2022 and ushered in a 2023 full of hope and challenges. On January 16, 2023, the National Innovation Energy 2022 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference was grandly held in the company's report hall. All national innovation talents gathered together to summarize achievements, commend excellence, look forward to the future, and talk about the bright future of the company's high-quality development. Leaders of Guochuang University of Science and Technology and leaders of brother units attended the meeting.

01 Take advantage of the situation to seek development and focus on opening a new chapter

At the commendation meeting, Dong Yongdong, Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee and Chairman of HKUST Guochuang, delivered a speech. On behalf of the company, Mr. Dong thanked all the national innovation talents for their hard work this year and affirmed the company's good momentum of high-quality development this year. HKUST Guochuang seizes the development trend of the new energy industry in the "double carbon" era, actively leverages the advantages of "software definition" and the strong empowerment of internationally leading high-trust software core technologies to create leading intelligent BMS, intelligent energy storage systems, and intelligent vehicles. ADAS, smart vehicle electronic control systems, smart battery products, and the "dual intelligence" strategic achievements have reached a new level.

As the leading business entity in the intelligent software and hardware product sector of HKUST Guochuang, Guochuang Energy is a powerful tool for the company to realize its strategic plan for the “14th Five-Year Plan”. Mr. Dong encouraged all national innovation talents to continue to move forward with determination, work hard, and move forward steadily towards the goal of "10 billion national innovation".

General Manager Zeng Yongguang gave a keynote report on "Riding on the Situation for Development and Concentrating on Opening a New Chapter". In 2022, based on the business layout of HKUST Guochuang, and closely focusing on the "dual intelligence" strategy of "intelligent network connection + smart energy", Guochuang Innovation Energy faced difficulties, worked hard, and achieved leapfrog development. In the field of smart BMS, we continue to increase market promotion efforts and achieve incremental growth; the PACK business has become the company's new revenue growth point, smart energy storage has achieved commercialization of multiple projects, and the scale of smart manufacturing business has grown rapidly. All four business modules have achieved phased progress, and the company's annual performance bucked the trend and rose.

Looking forward to 2023, Mr. Zeng emphasized that Guoxin Energy will focus on five aspects: market development, product research and development, quality assurance, supply assurance and management assurance, implement detailed work, take advantage of the situation, and seize the opportunities of the booming development of the new energy industry. , work together to push the company's performance to a new level.

02 Success comes from struggle, glory comes from responsibility

There is always an upward force that cheers us up and allows us to pursue our dreams and dreams; there is always an upward force that comes from you and me, from everyone among us. Every progress and every breakthrough is inseparable from the hard work and light and heat of every national innovative person. The conference commended outstanding teams and individuals who worked hard and performed outstandingly in 2022.

03 The atmosphere is full and the lucky draw session

The lottery is the most exciting time for the audience, pushing the atmosphere to a climax.

In 2023, standing on the new starting line, all national innovative talents will focus on the dual intelligence strategy, be full of energy, sprint hard, and work together towards the grand goal of tens of billions of national innovation in the "14th Five-Year Plan"!

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