Training both internally and externally | National Innovation Management Training Camp reopens


◆ Management training

The year's plan begins in spring, and it's time for actual combat training! On March 4, the National Innovation and Energy Management Training Camp (Huangpu Phase I) was reopened, and company managers participated in the training.

Gao Ruyu, deputy director of the Operations and Management Center, brought the "Business Etiquette" course. "The speaker has no intention, the listener has the intention." Be polite before you speak, and be even more polite once you speak. Have you experienced the charm of language? How to introduce guests? How to arrange the bus seats? What is the difference between the seating arrangements in conference rooms and banquets... We found the answers one by one in the high school courses. Everyone said that they should incorporate what they learned today into every aspect of their work and use excellent professionalism to improve service levels.

General Manager Zeng Yongguang brings management courses to everyone. "What is the granularity of your time management? How to manage time well?" "Why do I work hard but fail? The answer is: avoid difficulties." "Treat work as 'play' and have enough self-drive. There will definitely be achievements through 'playing'." How do managers lead troops? We have a sixteen-character policy for leading troops - "You see when I do it, you listen when I say it, I listen when you say it, and I watch when you do it."... Listening to the multi-dimensional and multi-angle sharing, analysis and explanation of actual cases, Everyone said that they have benefited a lot and will internalize what they have learned in their hearts and externalize it in their actions.

"The road is long and difficult, but it will come soon. If we keep on walking, we will have a promising future." Mr. Zeng used this sentence to encourage everyone. If you don't accumulate steps, you won't be able to reach a thousand miles. If you don't accumulate small streams, you won't be able to form a river or a sea. Keep your goals firm, do your best in the present, and keep accumulating and persevering, and you will always reach the end.

◆Visit and study

With the purpose of "learning from experience", on the afternoon of March 4th, Mr. Zeng led the management team to visit and study at brother units.

▲Visit Lu’an Software Park, exchange experiences and work together.

▲Visited Anhui University of Science and Technology Guochuang Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd. Guochuang Energy and Guochuang Energy, as important carriers of the "dual intelligence strategy", organize exchanges and learning to facilitate business linkage.

The journey is thousands of miles long and the wind is strong, and we are ready to embark on a critical mission. Improve managers’ quality both internally and externally. While vigorously improving product competitiveness, Guo Chuangxin Energy is also actively building a highly qualified and high-level elite management team to consolidate business goals and lay a solid foundation for achieving the "10 billion national innovation" goal during the 14th Five-Year Plan.

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